Services & Capabilities

We enable our clients to have access to the right Capacity, Skills and Technology to achieve their desired business objectives.

Defining ‘Mechanical Design’ can be tricky however we strongly believe it is essential that we always play our ‘strong suit’ in every engagement, as a result we stick to what we know.
What we are:

Mechanisms, machines, stuff with moving parts, conveyors,  material handling equipment, trucks, trains, vehicles & accessories, pipe and electrical routing, skids, fluid handling, small & large electro-mechanical devices, plastic moulded parts, aerospace components, jigs & fixtures, boutique architectural, industrial plant, site layout, digitisation of brownfield sites.

What we are not:

Run of the mill structural steel detailers, drafting for low complexity, high volume projects, residential property, sheds, houses, buildings, building systems, concrete, earthworks.

Our services

   → 3D modelling & drafting
   → Integrated design support services
   → Virtual Reality (VR) content creation
   → Point-cloud data manipulation, curation and presentation
   → Visualisation and review of design data from different packages
   → Enable access to Advanced Manufacturing methods for all SMEs

What we provide

Integrated Design Support

Our most common form of engagement and the service on which our business was founded. Our Mechanical Designers will integrate into our clients teams during busy periods to provide additional capacity or fill a skills gap. Typically (95%) we will work on our client’s sites, alongside the client’s subject matter expert for guidance and open communication channels. Typical engagements are 4-weeks to 6-months, however can be as short as a few hours or longer than 12-months.

More often than not we will provide hardware and software for the engagement, however there are other options where we work on our client’s hardware with either their software or ours.

Design Presentation & Publishing

We see many of our clients generating CAD data for manufacturing purposes, which is great, however we ask the question:

‘If we have invested in creating the CAD models for manufacturing purposes, are we extracting the maximum value from that investment?’

Typically the answer is ‘no’. Our design presentation & publishing services aim to utilise design data (think 3D models, point clouds from laser scans or any other format) and present it in different ways to answer questions or convey information. This could be anything from a Virtual Reality (VR) design review of a plant layout through to an animation to convey the functionality of a new product to a prospective investor or a simple instruction manual or product specification page with high quality rendered images.

Design Process Consulting

Clients looking to implement or develop a robust, efficient and applicable design process will engage our Senior Mechanical Designers for advice. We are able to assist in identifying the desired outcomes, highlighting what is important in our client’s business (from a design point of view) and then proposing an appropriate workflow leveraging the most applicable technologies available. The engagement may end there, or more often than not will evolve into an implementation phase where we roll up our sleeves and get it done. We are not consultants in boardrooms with whiteboards and workshops!

Areas in which we work

Examples of the type of work do include but are not limited to:

   → Machine design for industries such as automation and packaging or food and beverage
Piping and routing for the dairy & water industries
Factory layout and process design & modelling
Component design in plastic, sheet metal, CNC machined, 3D printed, cast, welded or any other manufacturing process
Complex assemblies and associated design documentation including BOMs
Highly customised and innovative architectural solutions
Transportation equipment including truck and rail rolling stock
Mechanical components for rail infrastructure
Design optimisation/generative design/topological optimisation
Design for and access to 3D printing in all currently available materials/technologies

Software that we use

Examples of the software that we work with include but are not limited to:

Key CAD Software
Autodesk Product Design Suite
   → Inventor
   → AutoCAD
   → AutoCAD Plant 3D
   → Factory Design Utilities
   → Fusion 360
   → Recap Pro
   → Navisworks Manage
   → 3DS Max
   → 3DS Max Interactive (VR)
   → Vault
Autodesk Rendering

Autodesk BIM 360
Altair Inspire



Virtual Reality
HTC Vive
Unreal Engine
3DS Max Interactive (Autodesk)
   → Nurulise Atom View

Also have skills in:
Solid Edge

Admin Systems
   → Trello
   → Slack
   → Skype
   → LucidChart
   → Xero
   → Workflowmax