Why DTCo.

At DTCo. we are genuinely committed to our client’s outcomes and invest in our team accordingly.

All of our staff are full-time, permanent employees. We understand our staff, their skills and what makes them tick. This enables us to match them with the right client and deliver successful outcomes.

We make this as low risk as possible for our clients with no long term commitments required and a try before you buy arrangement available.

We are always getting better. Unlike typical freelance contractors, our staff train and are part of our Continuous Improvement program. We have a dedicated Continuous Improvement Manager which enables us to rollout training focused on industry trends. While a typical contractor will spend time between jobs either on holidays or looking for the next few weeks of work, our staff spend this time reviewing their performance, filling knowledge gaps and getting up to speed with new technologies the business as a whole has identified as useful.

Our staff are supported. All our staff are heavily supported by our management team and each other. Should an issue arise our clients can immediately get in contact with us and we will resolve the issue, we have many options from facilitating conversations to improve performance through to changing out the designer for someone else or raising a technical question to the entire team on our communication platform. We can also ‘scale up’ with additional designers where required.

We are a legitimate company with a reputation to protect. We are fully insured with Public Liability ($20M), Professional Indemnity ($5M) and WorkCover certificates available. We only use legitimate fully licensed software in accordance with the licencing agreements and have quality hardware to operate it on. We pay our staff for the work they do and ensure they are always motivated to deliver the best outcomes for our customers.

At the end of the day we have a reputation to uphold, we seek to deliver value to our customers such that they choose to become repeat customers while referring us to their contacts. Simple.

The problems we solve

I know what I need, I just need more of it

Regularly we support highly sophisticated clients who know exactly what they need and simply seek additional, skilled people to join their team for a temporary period. One week you need no designers, the next week you need four. Here, our designers operate within their systems and deliver great technical outcomes in accordance with their specifications. These clients can be anyone from a large defence prime down to a single person consulting business. Click here to learn more about our Integrated Design Support service.


I have a good idea of where I want to end up but I’m not sure how to get there

Clients will often approach us with an idea that needs developing. They may not have deep experience with the full design process, or even manufacturing knowledge, however they do have a good idea of the end goal. In this situation one or more of our designers can guide them through options for the design process, work closely with them to make key design decisions and ultimately provide them with a robust, fully controlled design and plan for the next steps of manufacturing. Want to learn more about our Design Process Consulting or our Integrated Design Support service, click these links.

I want to know more about the design tools and workflows available to me

Nearly all of our clients do not use the latest design technology available to them (such as laser scanning, virtual reality, generative design, cloud based collaboration, etc.) due to the barrier of becoming educated and proficient with that technology. At DTCo. we use our underutilised time to explore each of the available tools. As a minimum we aim to understand the pros, cons and limitations of each piece of technology so we can make an informed recommendation to our clients about where each technology could be implemented. Click here to learn more about our Design Process Consulting offering.

Implementing design activities is a distraction for me and limiting other productive business activities

Most of our clients are subject matter experts in their field and their time is rarely best spent finding their way around an unfamiliar CAD package or producing bills of material or specifying fasteners. We are able to ensure a successful engagement where our designers take on these tasks, freeing up our clients to focus on what is really important for their business to succeed. Want to be more efficient in your business? Learn more about our Integrated Design Support services.